Taylor Swift Will Determine 2014 World Series Champion


Jul 19, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; 1989 World Series trophy during the 1989 Oakland Athletics World Series team tribute before the game against Baltimore Orioles at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

In 2010 the Giants won their first World Series since relocating to San Francisco, then failed to make it to the postseason in 2011. The Giants bounced back, and in 2010 won their second World Series. Suddenly, “even year magic” became a popular explanation for San Francisco’s success. Due to this phenomenon, the Giants obviously did not make it to the postseason in 2013.

We were all skeptical about “even year magic” and how a baseball team could possibly win a World Series just because it was an even year. My scientific research led me to another explanation: TAYLOR SWIFT. If the Giants win the 2014 World Series, you can thank (or blame) Taylor Swift. Yes, the Giants World Series fate hangs in the balance because of a pop star.

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Why did the Giants win in 2010, but not 2011? Why 2012 but not 2013? It’s simple, Taylor Swift only releases an album every 2 years, EVEN YEARS. Coincidence? I think not. Taylor Swift invented “even year magic.” I know, you’re probably wondering why the Giants didn’t win the World Series in 2006 when Taylor Swift released her first album. Well, it’s simple. Clearly, her star power had not yet become strong enough. Her powers needed more time to fully develop. Now you may be wondering about 2008, when Taylor Swift released her second album. Why didn’t the Giants win then?? Timing. Taylor released the album in November, after the World Series had already ended. Taylor had not yet realized how to harness her powers, but by 2010 she had everything she needed to control the fate of Postseason baseball.

How powerful is Taylor Swift? Forbes estimated the Swift made $64 million in 2014, meaning she made more than the entire Marlins or Astros payroll for the year. I shudder to think what would happen if Taylor Swift wound up dating one of the Giants players. Actually, I might want to hear a single about how Tim Lincecum broke her heart by not returning 3 consecutive text messages.

The influence of pop stars has simply become too strong. Taylor Swift now determines the World Series Champion and Katy Perry changed the fates of college football after being the “guest picker” for College GameDay. We have to be stop Beyonce before she starts controlling the outcome of the Super Bowl. The Royals are doomed, unless they can harness the power of Lorde’s “Royals” to give them a competitive edge against T. Swift.

*I did not personally come up with the Taylor Swift “even year magic” theory. I saw a Facebook status stating that the Giants will win the World Series because of Taylor Swift’s new album, and my research does seem to back up this claim. Hey, it’s science. 

**I still hold out hope that the Giants will lose the World Series because Swift’s album is called “1989” and they were swept in that World Series…

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