The Most Important Article Ever Written: Giants


First off, this article isn’t about the Giants. Having the Giants in your title this week is like putting “Free Download” or “Wardrobe Malfunction” in your title; it’s guarantee traffic. But, enough with pandering to Giants fans as they head to the Giants World Series parade today in the Giants home city of San Francisco (saying it a bunch will also boost my traffic count. Giants), this article is for us, the Athletics fan who just wants to talk about Oakland baseball, green collars, rally possums and Alberto Callaspo.

There have been a ton of great articles posted to the site this past month (I’ve also written some stuff) and out of fear that the greatness was getting lost in the shuffle, I’d like to include some helpful links so that you can binge read Athletics articles instead of watching the Giants parade. We’ve had a ton of great conversations in the comments and some new readers are joining us. Welcome to you all! Swingin’ A’s is a great place to have your voice heard, to engage in debate and to read the finest Athletics analysis on the web…and some of my articles. Giants World Series.

We started this month by analyzing the free agent situation in Oakland. In the month since, not much has changed but now that the off-season is officially upon us, things are bound to happen to make this article irrelevant.

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A couple days later, Jason attempted to squash stupid trade rumors by stating what should have been an obvious statement.

Next: Trading Josh Donaldson Would Be Stupid

After that, I wrote the first of my many stupid articles that proved that I don’t like the Athletics and I don’t understand baseball. In my defense, I don’t understand rugby, I get baseball just fine.

Next: In Defense of Eric Sogard

After one idiot hurt Sean Doolittle’s feelings, Jennifer got a hashtag trending like Athletics fans haven’t seen since the Face of the MLB. Here’s the story of that fun day on Twitter.

Next: The Creation of Sean Doolittle Appreciation Day

Next up, we have a fun little article about how the Athletics and the Beatles crossed path in the 60’s for one historic and infamous night.

Next: Charlie Finley and The Beatles

With all of the shake-ups in the Athletics coaching staff this winter, I posed the question of whether Rickey Henderson would make a good coach.

Next: Time to Bring Rickey Henderson Back

Richard took some time to reflect on the 1989 earthquake which he experienced at Candlestick Park while he waited for game 3 of the World Series to begin.

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This was my second in a trilogy of truly hated and detested articles.

Next: Can A's Fans Root for the Giants?

But then Selena responded by writing the most viewed article in Swingin’ A’s history. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re the only one.

Next: Athletics Fan Complex

I haven’t mentioned the Giants in about five minutes which is longer than The Game has gone this week. This is the stunning conclusion to my “You’re an Idiot” trilogy.

Next: Has 95.7 The Game Betrayed the A's?

Not only is Jason smart, totes hunky and funny, he’s also got a good head for baseball. I’m still going to tease him for this article because if I had written it, I’d be an idiot, but I happen to agree with him and enjoy his argument.

Next: Billy Butler Makes Sense for Oakland

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