Andy Parrino is a Better Option Than Stephen Drew


The Oakland Athletics shortstop situation is one that all fans are waiting on to be resolved. Many are clamoring for a Stephen Drew reunion, but current Athletic, Andy Parrino is a better option for the A’s shortstop woes in 2015.

Quickly, let’s compare the stats of these two players. First, Drew played in just 85 games due to him signing with the Red Sox after the season season had already began. In those 85 games, Drew hit .162, with 7 home runs and 26 rbi to go along with his .237 on-base percentage. Drew is also likely to command roughly $7M on a one-year deal, according to FanGraphs.

By comparison, Parrino, played in 21 games, but garnered only 51 at-bats. He hit .152 in those at-bats, with a home run and three rbi and an OBP of .216.

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  • Obviously, neither of these two are offensive wizards. Drew has had better seasons offensively in the past, and is a career .256 hitter with some pop. Defensively, however, Drew, while better than Jed Lowrie, is not the option the A’s are looking for. In 2014, Drew totaled a 0.9 dWAR, which was his highest total since 2009. “The Wizard” Parrino, totaled a 0.6 dWAR in one-fourth of the games that Drew played in 2014. Extrapolated out, to Drew’s games total, Parrino would have totaled a 2.4 dWAR in half of a season. That 2.4 would be better than any season Stephen Drew has put together in his career.

    After two seasons of watching Lowrie’s glove work, a defensive upgrade is certainly necessary. Should that upgrade cost $7M while we hold out hope that the 31-year Drew has enough in the tank to put together a decent offensive season, or should we bank on the 29-year old Parrino, with a new hitting coach, that will cost the team roughly $500K?

    Statistics aside, Parrino has never received a big contract. He hasn’t proven himself at the major league level. Why some may see that as a disadvantage, couldn’t that be something that the A’s could use in their favor? Drew has played on the big stage. He’s received the big contract. What more does he have to prove?

    Andy Parrino is not a popular option among A’s fans, but if comes down to Stephen Drew or Andy Parrino, I’ll take Parrino, because it gives the team more financial flexibility to add to other positions that are in need of help.