Oakland Athletics Arbitration Estimates

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The Oakland Athletics have 14 players who are eligible for arbitration this off-season and the results of their negotiations could dramatically alter the payroll of the A’s in 2015. Arbitration is a process in which players who are not yet free agents can negotiate a better pay scale based on the market value of their position and skill set. It is a unique contract negotiation because the players are still under team control and, in theory, could remain at the league minimum wage until free agency. Teams and players submit a wage proposal to each other and if neither side can agree on the other’s total or negotiate to the middle, both parties are scheduled an arbitration hearing in which they both have one hour to state their case for the proposed wage. Arbitration is done in front of a three person panel and their ruling is final.

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We’re going to look at all 14 players on the Athletics arbitration list for 2015 and discuss the possible implications their new contracts will have on the team. According to Baseball Reference, the estimated payroll for the Oakland Athletics is sitting at $82.6 million which is less than last year. With the signing of Billy Butler and the eventual acquisition of a shortstop, I could see that number ballooning a bit before opening day.

Our arbitration estimates are taken directly from MLB Trade Rumors who have come up with a remarkably accurate formula for predicting where teams and players will ultimately settle. Without further ado, let’s begin with one of the Athletics’ most watched arbitration players, John Jaso.

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