Athletics Fans Weigh In On Pablo Sandoval


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Pablo Sandoval has signed with the Boston Red Sox in his first year as a free agent and, as is to be expected, Giants fans took to Twitter to mourn the loss of their beloved panda. Oakland Athletics’ fans, though, were not too sympathetic to the distraught Giants fans who, seemingly, don’t know how to handle the loss of a beloved spanish-speaking power hitter to the Red Sox. In general, A’s fans brought a “been there, done that” attitude to the social network and posted some pretty funny tweets.

Some would say that Giants fans could never be A’s fans for any reason but their inability to process player acquisition grief is a major deal breaker.

I guess the Giants have some moves to make now that Pablo Sandoval is gone but this seems a little extreme, Chris. That being said, they can have him. He’ll probably hit .325 with 35 homeruns for them.

You’re out of your element, Jeff. All baseball teams can afford to have $200 million payrolls, it’s a fact. Just ask Josh Donaldson.

Great. We’ll have a bunch of bandwagon A’s fans for three days in May.

I’d agree with Joseph if I didn’t see a Panda tshirt in Boston colors already being sold online late last night.

You think they’ve heard the news yet?


This is going to be my new desktop background.

Pours some salt on those wounds, why don’t you!

I don’t understand what this tweet is inferring.

Oh, now I get it.

We know all too well what the pain is…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a schadenfreude moment watching you Giants fans deal.

That last one had nothing to do with Pablo Sandoval but I thought it was a pretty funny tweet.

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