Josh Donaldson Trade Ignites Fans


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Josh Donaldson being traded to the Blue Jays this weekend was the best thing to happen to Athletics’ tweeters and bloggers who have had very little to talk about since Billy Butler was signed. In fact, my Twitter timeline was flooded with some funny, bitter, biting, nostalgic, agitated and defeated tweets. There were the fans that shrug the trade off as “Billy being Billy” and there are the others who, for the tenth consecutive off season, have vowed to never watch an A’s game again.

That one pretty much says it all. If it turns out the Josh Donaldson has already had his best year, Billy Beane will be a genius again.

It’s good to have a little perspective and remember that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back.

Well, sure. When you put it like that, with the facts laid out in a succinct manner, it looks like we’ve given up a lot for very little in return.

Ah, when Kara gets sad, a piece of me dies.

And, as we all know, lightning strikes the same place over and over and over again.

This kind of GM talk drives me crazy. You’re not setting a roster for last year anymore so those 11 games are pretty meaningless at this point. Some would argue that the deficit came at the expense of losing key players so hemorrhaging more players may be a bad idea.

These people are called bandwagon fans and they are not an exclusive breed to the team across the bay.

Devin is widely known for his optimistic endorsement of all things A’s management. This little wake up call is just what A’s fans needed.

Or, and this is just a thought, you could stop talking about stupid things like trading Josh Donaldson!

Bigger plot twist, I agree.

All they ask in return is two Daric Bartons and an Adam Rosales.

I’m sure there will be much more public outcry from this surprising trade from Oakland. Check out the podcast for our take on the whole matter. We use way less swearing and almost never say LOL.