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Eireann Dolan (it’s pronounced Erin but spelled like her parents were “collecting vowels”) has one of the funniest Twitter accounts in the Oakland Athletics family. Oh, she’s also living with two Doolittle boys, one of which she likes to call her boyfriend despite having no recollection of when her and Sean met.

Eireann Dolan was born in 1927 to Japanese immigrants from Ireland. In 1934 she moved to Northern Chicago to be further away from her paternal grandfather’s accountant who often criticized her for having too many vowels in her first name but too few in her last. Three years later, as a ten year old sophomore in high school, she met Sean Doolittle who would later become her mortal enemy.

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In 1957, while touring as Elvis Presley’s photographer, her path crossed Doolittle again and, noticing the excess of vowels in his last name, decided to put her bitter hatred of him aside and date him on a trial basis. She eventually taught Sean how to throw a fastball  and, together, they invented Friendster.

Now, at 87 year old, Eireann Dolan maintains an active lifestyle of canasta and doily knitting and is an avid supporter of PUTA, People for the Unethical Treatment of Accountants

In this week’s fun filled episode, Eireann and I talk about stuff. We laugh, we cry and, I think, we learn a little bit about life and love. It will move you in ways no other seventh episode of a podcast about a baseball team has. In all seriousness, it’s funny. I also tell a little story about my run in with Jose Canseco which I also told Eireann but had to edit out because neither one of us could keep the language clean.

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Show Notes

Episode 7: Eireann Dolan: Fan of Swinginas
Host: Tony Frye
Guests: Eireann Dolan, our new redhead

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