Jefferey Bennett: Athletics Photographer

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Photo Credit: Jefferey Bennett

Jefferey Bennett has an enviable career. Four years ago, Jeff was able to get a job as the assistant to the Athletics photographer and, after two years, was able to take a position on the Athletics payroll as a photographer. Why is that enviable? Because Jefferey Bennett gets to celebrate with the team when they clinch the west and he gets to see the players in their more tender moments, not to mention being able to be at all the games he wants.

Jeff held his position for two years until the Athletics organization dissolved it but you can see him around the park as the assistant to the team photographer, again, and around other sporting events in the bay area.

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There’s a personal aspect to this story, for me. Jefferey Bennett and I went to the same high school and he played in the band while I was the assistant band director there. Then, both on trombone, Jeff and I spent many years playing in the Las Positas Big Band. When Jeff went to visit India, he brought me back a statue of the Indian God of music which still sits in my home studio (where I record the Swingin’ A’s Podcast).

We eventually left the big band and rarely saw each other until, one day, we bumped into each other at an A’s game and were able to reconnect. Our friendship started together through music and was rekindled, strangely, through baseball.

Jefferey Bennett has been gracious enough to share some of his favorite shots from over the years with Swingin’ A’s. He says that some of his favorite moments to witness are the players with their kids. Coco Crisp teaching his kids to bowl, Brandon Moss being a super hero to his son or Stephen Vogt doting over his beautiful baby girl.

"“On the field the players are tough and rugged but away from the field they are different.”"

That being said, he says the beer and champagne celebrations in the locker room are pretty fun to cover too. If you like what you see in the following slide show, please visit Jefferey Bennett’s website and consider him for any events you’d like photographed in the future. I mean, who better to photograph your wedding than an A’s fan?

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