Link Dump: Bagwell, Blanks, Haren and Holidays


It has been a couple of weeks since we’ve had link dump, but we figured that covering the numerous trades by Billy Beane and company should probably be covered first. Let’s dive right in!

Our good friend Lisa Weatherall wrote a piece about former Athletic, Kyle Blanks. Also, the Rangers have signed Kyle Blanks.

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Brice Paterik takes a humorous look at the Rangers with some holiday glee.

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David Cash also ponders a question about the Texas lineup moving forward.

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Sticking with the state of Texas, David Hill takes a look at how the Astros have built up their team with prospects, and compares that with the Padres “acquire everyone” approach this offseason.

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David also wrote this piece about Jeff Bagwell, which was retweeted by Peter Gammons.

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The Astros have a ton of prospects, and some of them play the same position. Such is the case for Rio Ruiz and Colin Moran at third.

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There was a holiday theme around the network. Brian Helberg took a different approach with his piece. Spoiler: it has Mike Trout in a Santa hat.

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Apparently Dan Haren is looking to come back the the Angels. Is Miami really that bad?

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Want to know who’s invited to Angels camp? Here is the list of non-roster invitees.

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Finally, we turn to our rain-soaked neighbors to the North. Dan Hughes wrote a piece about Nick Swisher being an option for Seattle. Great, more former A’s in the AL West.

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The Mariners reunion piece involved one Ichiro Suzuki.

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Finally, Charlie Spencer-Davis takes a look at the resume of Edgar Martinez.

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That’s it for the edition, A’s fans. Unless Beane trades the whole team (again) we’ll have these up every week! Have a very happy New Year!