2014 in Review: Podcast IX



It was a sunny December afternoon when four legendary Oakland Athletics bloggers joined together to tell tales of yesteryear and reminisce on the finest game man has ever created. They shared tales of home runs and strange trades, expensive t-shirts and English travelers, the good, bad and ugly of a season gilded in hope but tarnished by disappointment.

When Tony, Nick, Jen, and, I believe his name is Joshua, get together to record a podcast it is a sight and sound to behold. With nearly three full hours of recorded material on the books, 48 minutes was about baseball, 22 minutes was free of foul language, 18 minutes had Nick wearing pants and 14 minutes was deemed suitable for podcast distribution. All in all, it was a pretty productive podcast.

Tony spends a little time talking about the Derek Norris trade and the sudden budget surplus Billy Beane finds himself in and there are a couple of top notch voicemails to listen to at the end of the show but the conversation between these three incredibly funny A’s fans and Jamal is really where the fun is had. I think you’re going to enjoy this quick little episode, even without Eireann Dolan.

Jason! That’s the dude’s name. Jason. Wow, I didn’t think it was ever going to come to me.

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Show Notes

Episode 9: Why Would You Buy a $40 T-Shirt? or 2014 in Review

Host: Tony Frye
Guests: Jason Burke, Jennifer Trumpp, Nick Avila

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