Adam Olson and Our New Logo!

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Do you have a design that you’re most proud of?

My favorite designs might be the Cespedes Home Run Derby shirts I created after he won back to back events. As I look back my early designs were terrible. I never took a class on drawing, illustrating in my life but I needed to start somewhere. It wasn’t until Cespedes first Home Run Derby where I thought my designs had grown to a point that I was proud of. Not bad for teaching myself through Youtube videos. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Have any of the players worn/endorsed your designs?

One of the coolest moments was when I was posting images of the player designs on twitter and Sean Doolittle took notice and sent me a message seeing if I could get him one of his for the upcoming Athletics Tweet Up. He was set to take questions from fans with Jerry Blevins and so I rushed to get them their shirts before the event. I couldn’t make the event but a few twitter friends posted pictures of them wearing their shirts. To actually have a player request his own shirt and wear it during a public appearance was pretty exciting! I don’t think it could have been two nicer guys than Sean and Jerry too. The other time that shocked me was when A.J.Griffin wore his shirt on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk. He and the hosts of IT talked about the shirt for a good minute, even giving myself a nice plug.

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