The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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After a year of incredible highs, including the American League all star team being comprised exclusively of Oakland Athletics, one silly trade brought the whole thing crumbling. The A’s, in 15 days, dropped 13 games in the standings and finished the season one game behind the second wild card spot.

There were many positives that came out of the season. The A’s had 3,000,000 fans see the games, their TV ratings went through the roof and fan blog, Swingin’ A’s became the most visited website on the internet in July 2015, leading to editors Tony Frye and Jason Burke to win their first Pulitzer prizes. Alas, it would all be forgotten by October, though, when the team was sold for scrap parts and the media devoted all of their attention on the stunning World Series run Cleveland enjoyed after acquiring Reddick at the deadline.

Jennifer knew that her impact on the team, way back during spring training, couldn’t possibly be the root of all of these late season issues but she would forever live with the sinking feeling that, had she stayed home in March and not driven to Arizona, things would have been different for the Oakland Athletics.

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