Oakland Athletics Fans Shine on Twitter…Again


As is always the case, when called upon, Oakland Athletics fans shine on Twitter. Obviously, I don’t follow any other team’s social presence but I can say with certainty that the fan base surrounding the Oakland Athletics are the most creative, clever, sexy, smart and funny fans in baseball.

Yesterday marked round one of the Face of MLB “competition” in which Sean Doolittle and Jose Altuve went head to head in a beauty contest for the ages. Destroying this fun time waster for every other fan base in baseball has become an annual tradition among Oakland Athletics fans and this year, as the baseball gods intended, fans of the green and gold came out in droves and took down the popular Astro with some amazing tweets. Needless to say, Doolittle won and moves onto round two where he will be greeted by an army of fans armed with memes and funny sayings. To highlight yesterday’s festivities, and to prepare you for the next round, we’re going to look at the best of the best.

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It is worth noting that the Oakland Athletics fan base defeated the Astros without any type of incentive from the Oakland Athletics themselves but the Houston Astros were offering tickets, autographed baseballs and bobblehead dolls in exchange for retweets. It’s not about the prize, Houston, it’s about showing 29 other cities how irrelevant they are in comparison to Oakland! Without further ah doo, let’s get to Doo!

For my money, you can never go wrong with Mario inspired memes.

I won Trivia Crack with an A’s question a few days ago. It wasn’t this super easy one, though.

Take two bows because, shockingly, you were the first person I saw tweet this yesterday!

This reached 100 retweets four seconds before it was posted.

I’m going to say it publicly, I want to meet Sean Doolittle but I want to be Eireann’s new best friend.

Well done, Brad. I see what you did there.

Before you judge this tweet on a scale of “crazy” to “TMI”, take a look at the time stamp. That’s dedication.

His face is pretty classy, that’s for sure.

Involving two social mediums at once? Through in an Instagram picture of your baby and you’ll break the internet!

Glutes of MLB will be next year’s competition if this tweet gets enough retweets.

There’s something about the head tilt that makes this incredibly unsettling.

This one made me chuckle at first and then, upon a second reading, I chuckled more. Well done!

I mean, seriously, she’s so funny!

Ok, that’s enough for today. Swing by our Twitter or Facebook page to see the memes we put out and use them next time. Round two will be here soon enough!