Our FanFest Contest!


Fanfest is a week away and many of the Swingin’ A’s writers will be joining you to welcome the new 2015 Oakland Athletics.

In an attempt to make things a bit more fun and to finally meet some of you who we’ve spent so much time chatting with online, we’d like to offer a friendly contest to our favorite readers. If you see Jason or Tony at Fanfest, snap a picture of them and tweet out “I spotted Tony/Jason at Fanfest” with the hashtag #FanFestStalker.

If you come up and show us the picture or come up and take a picture with us, you’ll get a cool sticker featuring our new logo. Then, on Monday, each writer for our site will pick their favorite picture with the #FanFestStalker hashtag and you, our loyal readers, will get a chance to vote for your favorite.

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The winner of the reader vote wins a free T-shirt with our awesome new logo and, maybe, a few other goodies.

This is all in good fun but, obviously, we don’t want any pictures of the boys in the bathroom. The most common photograph will probably be Tony eating a hot dog and Jason wishing he were as cool as Tony.

Feel free to spot some of our other writers at Fanfest too! They may or may not have a sticker for you but your picture, if properly hashtagged, will still qualify for the grand prize.

Voting for the contest will begin on Monday and a winner will be announced on Tuesday evening. You do not need to follow us on Twitter to be eligible but you also can’t give us one good reason not to follow us, so why not just follow us.

There is no purchase necessary and taking pictures with Tony or Jason does not improve your chances of winning. In fact, in Tony’s case, it may hurt your chances (he’s not very photogenic). Also, Jennifer Trumpp selfies are not eligible for entry into the contest.

We hope you have a bit of fun with this and hope you don’t find any of the writers picking their noses or asleep in Stomper’s lap.

See you at Fanfest!