Podcast Episode 13: Sean Doolittle


When Sean Doolittle and I started our chat on Wednesday he had 63% of the Face of MLB vote. By the next morning he was less than a percentage above 50%. While this may sound like a failure, it should be known that the Mariners offered four giveaways to their fans, autographed jersey, hat, tickets, where the A’s offered nothing but the pride of having their favorite closer the winner.

It took four big time giveaways to catch up to the All Star closer and King Felix still fell a little short.

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Sean Doolittle has been an A’s fan all of his life and, as you’ll hear in this chat, holds the ball club in high reverence. He recounts the days of coming on a Sunday afternoon to watch the best team in baseball take a field not yet shadowed by Mount Davis or flooded with sewage. The Oakland A’s are Doolittle’s team.

You never know what to expect when you answer the phone for one of these interviews. So far, in 13 episodes, we’ve been lucky that everyone has been engaging, informative and entertaining. When I picked up the phone with Sean Doolittle it was clear he was tired. He told me that he’d had “a long day at the office” and could have very easily given me 10 minutes and hung up. He gave me an hour and seemed willing to go on for longer. He talked about his injury rehab, the memes he’s seen on Twitter (he looks at them all), the atmosphere at an Oakland game, pace of play issues and the greatness of A’s coaching.

He’s optimistic about the 2015 season and says that the entire clubhouse is eager to get back on the field. All in all, Sean Doolittle was exactly what you want in an Oakland Athletic. Funny, charming, personable, smart and engaging with pride in his work and his team. If you’re on a mobile device that can’t see the video screen below, you can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE. You can also find us on iTunes and listen there as well. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to give us a star rating and review over on iTunes!

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