Sean Doolittle Squares Off With Buster Posey in the Face of MLB Contest Monday


A year has passed, but the story remains the same. On Monday Sean Doolittle will be in the semifinals of the Face of MLB competition against Bay Area rival, Buster Posey. Last year, the Oakland Athletics’ representative, Eric Sogard, eliminated Gerald early on. This year, due to how the brackets aligned, Posey has made it further, but the biggest match-up for both players awaits.

Yes, this is a stupid competition, but this round is different. Monday will be our chance to show the folks across the bridge that we are the more passionate fan base, regardless of how many titles we’ve accumulated in recent years, and that’s something to hang your hat on.

If you’re new to how all of this works, it’s simple. Voting occurs on either Twitter or Facebook, while Twitter is the easier option. If you’d like to vote on Facebook, go to the MLB Network page on Monday and look for their post about these two players. There should be an obvious post on where to vote, which is typically in the comments section. On either platform, the two hashtags #SeanDoolittle and #FaceOfMLB will be your ticket to casting a vote, and you get 25 of them.

If you want to vote on Twitter, all you have to do is tweet those two hashtags. That’s the easy way to cast your votes. The way that will help Sean Doolittle come out victorious is if you’re clever, or are decent at photoshop. The funnier the tweet, the more retweets you’ll receive, which all count as votes.

Voting will take place from 6am Monday morning until 5am Tuesday morning. The other side of this coin is that if (when) Sean Doolittle wins this round, the championship round is presumably the next day against either Adam Jones or David Wright. Personally, I’d like to see Wright in the finals again just so we can get revenge from last year’s contest.

Voting is that simple. If you tag us in your votes on Twitter @FS_Swinginas, we’ll retweet them too! Be sure to schedule some tweets for early Monday so that we can get Sean Doolittle out to an early lead! Happy voting everyone.

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