Swingin’ A’s Podcast 14: Damon Bruce


Damon Bruce is a polarizing figure in bay area sports broadcasting. Some people praise him for his honesty and direct approach while others criticize him for his brashness and total disregard for what people think of him. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on, you’ll want to listen to our chat with Damon Bruce on this week’s podcast.

Bruce has a unique perspective on the development of a new home for the Oakland Athletics because he’s one of the very few people who have spoken with Oakland mayors as well as A’s ownership and management. He may not have any more facts than the rest of us because, let’s face it, facts are hard to come by in this ongoing debacle but he does have an impression of each key player in this decade long chess game.

I was fortunate that Damon Bruce gave me an hour of his time after recording his own four hour broadcast and I’m very appreciative of his time. There aren’t a ton of answers to be found in this week’s episode but you may be able to better form your opinion of how things are moving in the development of a new stadium based on Bruce’s insights.

Beyond the stadium, though, we also chat about internet trolls, Will Ferrell and how long the leash on Billy Beane truly is. Bruce is not an A’s fan by birth but he understands the A’s and respects their fans and simply thinks we deserve more from our ownership since we’re getting so much from our teams and management.

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