Oakland Athletics Opening Day Podcast


It has become one of America’s favorite holidays. It is the time of year where we dust off the grill, load up our coolers and convene in the parking lots of our favorite stadia. It is where we reunite with friends we haven’t seen in five months, wash away last year’s defeat and bask in this year’s optimism. It is where we all start at zero and we all have the same chance at success. The grass is greener, the music is louder, the sky is brighter. It is Opening Day.

This podcast started on the day of the wild card game in 2014 and now we’re chatting, in our 15th episode, about the hope and excitement that the 2015 Oakland Athletics’ season brings. Tony sat down with Nick Houser and talked about what they liked out of spring training, what the Athletics should expect from their new players, how long the leash should be on their older, more injury prone, players and the apparent curse of the Daric Barton acquisition.

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