Oakland Athletics’ Catcher Stephen Vogt Is All-Star Game Worthy


The Oakland Athletics have a lot of players that are worthy of making the American League All-Star team. The other day, manager Bob Melvin stated that Sonny Gray and Josh Reddick are deserving candidates as well as catcher, team leader and funny guy Stephen Vogt. Vogt is by far the best catcher in the MLB at the moment. However, he is not getting the recognition he deserves.

This week, the fifth round of voting totals were published and Vogt has dropped from second to third in the race for AL starting catcher for the All-Star Game. He is now about 350,000 votes behind Toronto Blue Jays’ catcher Russell Martin and almost a whopping six million votes behind Kansas City Royals’ favorite Salvador Perez. When it comes to the popular vote, Vogt may not be winning. But when it comes to game play, he is blowing away the competition.

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Currently, Vogt is second in the MLB for RBI as well as fifth for both walks and OPS.  As a catcher, Vogt is first among all players in that position in the major leagues in slugging, homers, and on-base percentage. And, when it comes to the Oakland Athletics, he leads his team in all the standard batting statistics.

It is clear that Vogt’s bat has been on fire this season. He is currently on a five game hitting streak and can do no wrong when he is at the plate. Vogt may have been a third string catcher last season, but he has really risen to the occasion this year and has successfully taken on the role as the Athletics’ starting catcher.

But Vogt is not only a catcher. He is also a first baseman, outfielder and designated hitter. This versatility has granted him an appropriate nickname – everything bagel. Because he can do a little bit of everything.

Besides succeeding both offensively and defensively, Vogt has become a leader in the club house. He is the player that all the reporters wants to talk to in the clubhouse. He is the one that all the pitchers compliment after each game. He is the one that brings a sense of humor to the dugout. Vogt is not only a great baseball player, but he is a well-rounded, down-to-earth leader.

Even though Vogt will probably make the All-Star team no matter what happens with the fan voting, his performance thus far this season demonstrates that he deserves to be voted in as the starting catcher. He has been nothing but committed to the team and has performed beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Oakland A’s fans need to help vote Vogt into the All-Star Game!

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