Upcoming 2015 Giveaways: Oakland Athletics Edition


Giveaways are an integral part of home baseball games, and the Oakland Athletics’ giveaways stand out as some of the most unique and innovative in the league. The A’s always have the best free gifts and are creative when coming up with unique ideas. Year after year, the Athletics always seem to surprise the fans with one of a kind giveaways that are inventive. For example, who else would think of a Chip (Hale) and Chili (Davis) Platter as a free gift. Or the one of a kind “Coco Lean” bobbleheads. This idea that came from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” a great drop-dead comedy classic from the 80’s, as well as Coco Crisp‘s impressive rendition of the iconic Bernie Lean dance move. Let’s discuss the best upcoming 2015 giveaways that fans should grab. Remember to get in line early.

Mike Gallego Windmill Windup Toy (Sun., August 2)

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The A’s 3rd base coach, who is nicknamed “Gags”, gets his very own giveaway. How many MLB teams would dedicate a free gift to their 3rd base coach? Only Oakland! That is what makes this promotion so rare and unique. Windup the toy and Mike Gallego circles his arm in a windmill motion. Send him home, Mike!

Mark McGwire Bobblehead (Tue., August 18)

Mark McGwire is one of the best Oakland Athletics players in history and one of the greatest of all-times. McGwire is back in Oakland and will be honored with his very own bobblehead night. The only catch – he is in the opposing teams dugout as the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is surprising that it has taken this long for his own bobblehead with the A’s, but it is well worth the wait.

White Cleats T-shirt (Sat., August 8)

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A very cool giveaway that pictures the A’s white cleats on a yellow shirt. This is definitely a shirt A’s fans wear daily when they attend home games. Quick pop quiz for all the Oakland fans. Who is the only team in the MLB that wears white shoes? Answer: The A’s! Class dismissed.

Hello Kitty Bobblehead (Sat., July 18)

A bobblehead with Hello Kitty’s face on Stomper’s body. Enough said. Go get it!

A’s Zubazpalooza (Sat., August 1)

An old school, 80’s style sweatshirt with an A’s Zubaz. Rock out in a green and gold sweatshirt with some matching Zubaz pants to complete a stand out look. Don’t forget to pop on some RayBans and rock a Jheri curl.

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