Oakland Athletics Rumors: Sonny Gray Should Not Be Traded


On June 30, Oakland Athletics’ starter Sonny Gray was scratched from his start due to what was later reported as salmonella. However, a tweet surfaced that rumored that Gray had in fact been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers and was not sick. Thankfully, the twitter account was fake and the rumor was bogus. But, ever since this social media drama unfolded, there have been trade rumors regarding teams who think they can actually acquire Gray.

It is true that the Athletics have not been great this season. But, there is a very small chance that Oakland will give away their rising ace even if a fire sale takes place before the trade deadline rolls around. Assistant GM David Forst spoke to 95.7 The Game just hours after the fake tweet surfaced and basically said that the chances of Gray being moved is very unlikely.

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However, the Boston Red Sox are reportedly extremely interested in Gray. They believe that they can put together a package of players that could persuade Billy Beane to trade their 25-year-old starting pitcher. The Red Sox rotation is performing poorly this season and Gray would be a great addition to the team. But, it is just not likely they can pull together a collection of players that would sway the A’s front office especially if the Red Sox are not willing to part with players like Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts.

Even if the Red Sox could put together an amazing offer, Oakland should still not trade Gray. The Athletics will need Gray if they want to contend next season. The A’s will likely lose Scott Kazmir at some point before the 2016 season and Gray will be the only somewhat experienced ace left in the starting rotation. If Jarrod Parker or A.J. Griffin do not return to the big leagues next year, Gray will be the only starter on the team with postseason pitching experience.

Additionally, Gray has proven that he is just getting better with time. He currently leads to the American League with the lowest ERA and is second for lowest WHIP. Gray has 10 wins this season and was looking as sharp as ever when he completed his third career shutout on Sunday against the Cleveland Indians. Even though he struggled slightly in June 2014, it seems as though Gray is going to power through the usual mid-season slump and continue to pitch at a high quality.

Lastly, Gray is not a free agent until 2020. Why would Oakland want to trade away such talent when he is still under club control for another five years and does not hit arbitration until 2017? It would be silly of the Athletics to give up such a young player with undeniable skills when they can still pay Gray so cheaply.

Gray is truly the heart of the Oakland Athletics. His bright smile and bulldog mentality on the field always gets fans excited to watch him pitch. His teammates know that whenever Gray is on the mound, the chances of them winning rises exponentially. Ultimately, the Athletics would be foolish to trade Gray this year.

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