Oakland Athletics Could Become Contenders By Making These Four Changes

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At the All-Star Break, the Oakland Athletics are sitting on a record of 41-50. Last year, the A’s needed 88 wins to sneak into that second wildcard spot. To finish with 88 wins this year, the A’s will need to go 47-24 for the remainder of the season.

That is .662 baseball. If the A’s want to have a shot at wildcard contention this year, they cannot afford to lose another series (or if they do, they must follow it up with a sweep in the next series).

The A’s will resume play this week with a series against the Minnesota Twins. Series’ with the Blue Jays, Giants, and Dodgers will follow. If the A’s lose any of these four series’ that occur before the trade deadline, look for the front office to go into selling mode. If the A’s win each series (especially if a sweep or two is involved), look for the team to make minor adjustments to try to be the surprise story that nets a playoff berth.

The 2015 A’s are not a terrible team. Their blowout victories and stunning starting pitching have given A’s fans hope that the season is still not lost. They have scored enough runs to know that the offense is potent, and their American League-best starting pitching staff can put in the necessary innings to keep the struggling bullpen off the mound.

The A’s can win 47 more games if they are willing to make a few small changes.

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