Are the Oakland Athletics Tone Deaf?


When did walk up music in baseball become this bad? In an analysis of the most popular walk up music among players in the league, the most common music played is by the rapper, Drake. This is how tone deaf players are by picking Drake. Baseball has lost its identity with walk up music and the music players are choosing is an embarrassment to baseball. Walk up music has no meaning anymore and no rhythm to get fans pumped up. When a player walks up to hit and everyone hears today’s music, how is anyone suppose to take this players seriously? It’s a joke with the quality of music Oakland Athletics’ players are choosing. It has never been this bad from the players. Music is getting worse every year, but when players have an abundance of choices to pick a classic song that represents themselves and they pick Drake, its terrible and cringeworthy to hear as a fan.

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Baseball players are superstitions. When things are going bad at the plate, usually the first thing they change is their walk up music. Not Marcus Semien. He has been using the same terrible walk up music all year. Hopefully he’ll get this message and change his walk up to old school jams, either R&B or classic rock, so A’s fans can jam and get excited about something since we all know his game play is not getting anyone excited.

Mark Canha is another one who has had a dreadful sounding walk up song from today’s music. Between Semien and Canha, the A’s have back to back bottom of the order hitters who have awful walk up music that are also having terrible years. Coincidence? No. Change their walk up music and then better results will come at the plate. No A’s fans wants to hear today’s music — especially Drake. Some new suggestions as walk up music for these two would be Midnight Star ‘Midas Touch’,  GQ ‘Disco Nights’ or The Time ‘Cool’.

They should just get rid of walk up songs all together if this is the quality of music players will choose. In baseball, its all about a rhythm. The rhythm is in every pitch, swing, and throw, or in any play in baseball for that matter. In retrospect to the players walk up songs now, their is no rhythm in that aspect. There is no point to it. How do you get into a rhythm with a horrible song? Today’s generation of people and younger baseball players are tone deaf. Get rid of walk up music in baseball, and do not let players have a choice to pick a song, which will take care of this problem. 

Jun 19, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; American actor Paul Rudd talks to friends before the Big Slick Celebrity softball game at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran players in the league have a good ear for what represents good music. The Oakland Athletics have had a number of veteran players that have had great walk up songs that gets the crowd into the game. For example, Grant Balfour would walk out to Metallica’s ‘One’, which got A’s fans fired up. They would show their passion while doing Balfour’s Rage. Jed Lowrie’s walk up song was the classic rock jam by Rush “Tom Sawyer”. To quote Paul Rudd from the movie ‘I Love You Man’, this song is top quality and makes you say “Slappin Da Bass Mon” as we play our air guitars really high throughout this song. When he was an Athletic, Josh Willingham’s walk up music was the 80’s favorite by The Outfield ‘Your Love’. Even Josh Reddick likes to have fun with his walk up song, picking Wham’s ‘Carless Whisper’. This song got fans into participate in the games as they put their hands up and swayed them back and forth in the air like they just don’t care. This made George Michael proud again.

Come on current A’s players. Let’s get back to having some fun with walk up songs again and save our ears from hearing the dreadful songs you have been picking this year.

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