Guide For A Successful First Date At An Oakland Athletics Game


What are the keys to having a successful first date at an Oakland Athletics’ game? If she is an A’s fan, this is a plus. However, there is still no need to worry even if she doesn’t like the Athletics. It is all about having a fun time with her. Follow these steps and, even if the Athletics fail to score on the field, your date will be a home run!

The first key step is to plan a definite date with her. When she reaches out through the phone, step up to the plate and make specific plans to go to the game together. Do not chit chat on the phone! The phone is for making plans. You can talk all night with her at the A’s game and get to know her in person. Make sure to take charge and be confident.

To better explain the next few steps, let’s create fictional characters. The guy will be named Morris and the girl will be Stella. Morris has set the date for an Oakland Athletics game with Stella by following the first key step. While riding Bart to the game, Morris starts mentally prepare. He thinks to himself, “What will we talk about on the date?” No worries Morris! All he needs to do is ask questions and let Stella do most of the talking.

Instead of being negative and talking about how much they hate everything, be an alpha A’s fan should be humorous and charming by being playful and engaging throughout the date. Ask questions about her and when she ask you a question, politely answer it briefly while turning it around and asking another question. Find out everything about her and make her laugh in the process. Like Seth Rogen says in 40 Year Old Virgin, “Remember questions, be cool and be sort of a jerk.”

As Morris follows the game plan, he realizes he is sort of hungry. Stella and Morris decide to go grab some food to satisfy their hunger. They walk around searching for food. They instantly find numerous options.

Should they get a Coliseum dog? No! Loaded Nachos? No! Round Table Pizza? No! Instead, grab the tasty Ball Park Poppers. Morris and Stella decide to get the Jalapeño Poppers over the Cheeseburger Bites. Great choice! Ball Park Poppers will explode in the mouth of any die-hard A’s fan with a delicious blend of lamp heated cornbread, cool cream cheese and a soggy jalapeño in the middle with every bite. Yummy!

As for a drink to wash down the Poppers, Morris was a smart man and also brought his own bottled water to the game instead of wasting his valuable money on the overpriced drinks at the Coliseum. Worried about not getting a Oakland souvenir cup? After the game, Morris and Stella can run through the the aisles of each section and load up on as many A’s souvenir cups as they want. They can even replace all their cups in their homes with A’s souvenir cups. Nothing says a die-hard Oakland fan like a stack of souvenir cups after every game.

Stella gloats about the awesome time she had with Morris and about how much she enjoyed the game even though the A’s lost again. She finds Morris very unique and mysterious because he does not act like any guy she has ever met. This is where Morris needs to go for the first kiss. Morris and Stella seal the deal and have their first kiss as the ushers shout at them that, “The game is over folks. You gotta go home”. Dating should be this effortless and easy if you follow these steps. Good job Morris on a successful first date at an A’s game.

A quick recap for a successful date at an A’s game:

– Get the girl’s number

– Make definite plans to attend an A’s game together

– While on the date, ask questions about her

– Be playful, charming and sort of cocky while gently teasing her

– Get two orders of Jalapeño Poppers

– Bring your own bottled water

– Once the game ends, collect a stack full of A’s souvenir cups

– Always go for the first kiss

– Get yelled at by an usher as they rush everyone to get out of the Coliseum

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