Oakland Athletics Roundup: Drew Pomeranz Surgery; Yairo Munoz; Plus, a New GM


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Tuesday, October 6

Oakland Athletics’ starter Drew Pomeranz is considering undergoing shoulder surgery during the off-season, according to MLB.com’s Jane Lee.

"“A’s left-hander Drew Pomeranz will consider undergoing a clavicle resection to treat impingement in the AC joint of his throwing shoulder, as recommended by team orthopedist Will Workman.”"

Pomeranz, who posted a 2.61 ERA after being moved to the bullpen, has yet to decide if he will go through with the procedure. It’s possible that he may opt out, instead choosing to rest his arm. Lee noted that Pomeranz will seek a second opinion, but if he does go through with the surgery, it typically involves a six-week recovery period.

Pomeranz has spent time as both a starter and a reliever for the A’s, and Lee reports that he’ll once again get a chance to audition for both in Spring Training, but he’s undoubtedly been better out of the bullpen. Earlier this year, we wrote about the difference in his numbers in Drew Pomeranz is Best Suited For the Bullpen:

"This season, Pomeranz’s strikeout to walk ratio through the first time of the order is 4.67. This falls off the map the second and third time through the order to 1.29 and 1.50 respectively. Batters have a .637 OPS versus Pomeranz when seeing him for the first time, but this jumps to .729 and .717 the second and third time through the order."

Check out the rest of the article to see more of the reasoning behind keeping Pomeranz in the bullpen, even once he’s healthy next season.

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