Oakland Athletics: Who Was the 2015 A’s MVP?

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Although the Oakland Athletics had a rough season as a team, there were several players who had very good years. Most notably, Sonny Gray impressed with a stellar April-through-August, when he lead the league in ERA and seemed like a top candidate for the Cy Young Award. While his disappointing September may have knocked him out of the running for the American League honors, he’s certainly still the ace of the A’s staff, and the most important pitcher in the organization. If the A’s handed out team honors to their major league players, Gray would certainly take home the team Cy Young Award.

With that in mind, the Swingin’ A’s staff asked ourselves a question:

Everyone agrees that Sonny Gray is the Oakland Athletics’ Cy Young winner, but who would be the team MVP for 2015?

There were plenty of different answers, so perhaps the A’s had more valuable players than anyone thought. Let’s see what everyone picked:

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