Oakland Athletics: Who Was the 2015 A’s MVP?

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The Speedster: Billy Burns

Jul 4, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics outfielder Billy Burns (1) scores a run on a sacrifice fly against the Seattle Mariners in the seventh inning at O.co Coliseum. The Athletics defeated the Mariners 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Paloma: While many may point to Stephen Vogt for A’s MVP this season, the A’s most consistent performer and major contributor to the team would have to be rookie centerfielder Billy Burns. Getting his break with the injury to Coco Crisp, Burns hovered at or above .300 this season, finishing at .293 with a team leading 153 hits in only 125 games. His ability to get on base, along with 26 stolen bases, was the spark to many of the A’s rallies and a club high of 70 runs scored.

The A’s have found their leadoff man for seasons to come. He can hit and has speed, which is also beneficial in his defensive position of centerfield. This season could have been far worse without a performer like Burns.

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Steven Luke: The MVP of the 2015 season for the A’s is clearly Billy Burns. Once he took over the leadoff spot, he became the spark that the offense needed. He was not only the spark, but he was also the most consistent bat in the order. Whether he was swinging at the first pitch, beating out infield hits, or surprising everyone by putting one over the fence, Burns found a way to make an impact.

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Andrew Dambrauskas: If I had to pick one person to be the Athletics’ MVP based on a guy feeling (without any stats involved), it would be Billy Bu…rns. (You didn’t think I was going to say Butler, did you?) The reason for this is simple: Burns was the only player that turned my head and made me want to watch his every at-bat. No other Athletic has the ability to put the ball literally anywhere on the field like he does. But stats are important, too. Burns led the A’s in batting average, stolen bases, and triples, and finished the season with the second highest OBP. Once he’s on base, he takes extra bases on balls in play almost half of the time (42 percent). He gets on base, and is ferocious once he gets there. That’s Oakland baseball.

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