Oakland Athletics’ Trade Rumors: Sonny Gray Edition


The Oakland Athletics have expressed to the press that they will be embracing their youth and building from within this offseason. However, there will still be some moves made in order to bring in some veteran players who have strong leadership skills and possibly some additional relievers to bolster the bullpen. Even though the A’s do not plan on making some major trades or acquisitions this offseason, there will still be rumors surrounding the organization since Oakland does have some players that are highly desired around the league.

One of these players in young ace Sonny Gray. Before you get too worried, there is a very small chance that the Athletics will trade Gray. The A’s front office has said previously that Gray is basically untouchable and there is no way that he will be traded. However, it does not mean that other teams are going are not going to try.

Recently, New York Post writer Joel Sherman reviewed what moves the New York Yankees should make this offseason in order to have a successful 2016 season. One of the areas that needs help is the starting rotation. Sherman did mention that the Yankees could go after some veteran pitchers like David Price or build for the future by trying to obtain Sonny Gray.

Even though this is a seemingly impossible acquisition, Sherman did make a great point:

"“Last offseason, the Yankees were told by Oakland that Josh Donaldson was not available. Toronto stayed relentless and ultimately convinced the A’s to deal the terrific third baseman. At present, the A’s will say Sonny Gray is not available.” – Joel Sherman, New York Post"

Even though Gray is probably more highly valued within the Athletics organization than Josh Donaldson was, this statement is very telling. Gray, who was considered a Cy Young candidate at one point this season, is definitely going to be inquired about by many teams around the MLB. These teams are going to offer their best prospects and players in order to potentially obtain Gray.

However, let’s hope Oakland has learned from their Donaldson trade mistake. They had the probable 2015 MVP on their team and decided to trade him away. If Donaldson had stayed, he could have been the key factor that may have helped the A’s have a winning season. Even though the Athletics acquired some quality prospects along with Brett Lawrie, their full impact will not be felt for a couple more years.

There are definitely going to be many more rumors surrounding Gray this offseason. Because the A’s have set this precedent for trading their “untouchable” players, teams are going to try to go after this talented young starter. Let’s hope the Oakland Athletics are able to turn down some pretty incredible offers this offseason in order to keep Gray in the rotation for many more years to come.

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