Who Do The Oakland Athletics Need To Get Rid Of This Offseason?

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The Oakland Athletics had a terrible season for many reasons. For one, the A’s chaotic bullpen was the worst in the league. Secondly, there was a handful of injuries that effected Oakland’s potential success. Lastly, some of the rookies’ inexperience when it came to playing in the MLB allowed for many fundamental mistakes to be made. Even though there were bright spots throughout the 162 games, the team as a whole ultimately underperformed this season. As a result, the A’s are going to have make some changes to their roster and there will definitely be players on chopping block this offseason.

Because of these impeding potential roster changes, the Swingin’ A’s staff asked ourselves this question:

It has become clear that the Oakland Athletics need to make some changes to their roster. Who is the one position player that the A’s need to get rid of this offseason?

The Swingin’ A’s staff came up with a variety of players – even some who will still be under contract with Oakland through this upcoming season. However, all of these position players ultimately brought the team down this past year and the A’s should exhaust all options to remove them from their 2016 roster.

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