Oakland Athletics Roundup: Josh Reddick, Sonny Gray Are Gold Glove Finalists; 1989 World Series


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Friday, October 30

The Oakland Athletics were on the receiving end of Gold Glove nominations for two of their players on Thursday. Both Josh Reddick and Sonny Gray are in the running for the top defensive player of the year at their respective positions, which is a pretty impressive feat.

While Gold Gloves are certainly a nice honor to be bestowed with, they also aren’t necessarily the best measurement for a defender’s performance. Because they rely heavily on “the eye test” and not actual statistics, emotion certainly plays into the nominations. The best defenders may miss out on the award if they haven’t gained enough notoriety from their bat. A notable example would be Blue Jays infielder Ryan Goins, who has always been one of the best defenders in the game, but wasn’t even considered for the award. Another failing is that it often includes players who are flashy rather than solid, and might make Sports Center every night but still aren’t as reliable as other defenders.

Regardless, Gray and Reddick are both deserving of the award, and if they win it, it will certainly be an honor. Both face stiff competition, with Dallas Keuchel and perennial Gold-Glover Mark Buehrle also nominated, as well as right fielders Kole Calhoun and J.D. Martinez.

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