Oakland Athletics Roundup: Sonny Gray Will Not Be Traded; Targeting Free Agent Dae-ho Lee; Billy Butler


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Thursday, November 5

The Oakland Athletics’ future received a ringing endorsement from Billy Beane this week, as he told Peter Gammons that both Sonny Gray and Josh Reddick are unlikely to be traded.

“We have to put a representative product on the field,” Beane said. What exactly does that mean?

Well, considering he followed it up with “…and continue to dream we get a ballpark,” before launching into some praise over the rotation and the prospects within the A’s system, it almost sounds as though Beane is just biding his time until the city is ready to build a new stadium.

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It’s an odd quote, and one that sounds like Beane is being very realistic about next year’s chances. However, he did say that the reasoning behind keeping Gray is that the organization believes the team will contend again during Gray’s tenure with the team.

Regardless of why he’s keeping Gray, it’s a decision that everyone can rejoice in – except the other teams who were hoping to nab him this winter.

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