Oakland Athletics Roundup: Sonny Gray Misses Out on Gold Glove; Jarrod Parker’s Future; Kelly Johnson


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Wednesday, November 11

Athletics Nation poised an interesting question this week: should the Oakland Athletics sign a free agent at the expense of a draft pick? There are quite a few top free agents who come with qualifying offers attached this season, and almost all of them could help the A’s.

For those who don’t know, qualifying offers are one-year deals which can be offered to players who are about to enter free agency by their current teams. The value changes from year-to-year, and this winter, it’s set at $15.8 million. Any team who makes the offer runs the risk of having a player accept it. However, teams typically only offer it to their very best free agents, because it’s tied into next season’s draft. The team who makes the offer will gain an extra first round pick if the free agent signs with another team. That first round pick comes from the team who signs him.

Major League Baseball’s theory is that this prevents a team from not just signing all of the free agents, but drafting the best players, and its intention is to maintain some competitive balance between small- or mid-market teams and organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers, who can draft stars and then pay to retain them forever.

The Athletics fall into a special category, thanks to their horrific record last season. The top ten picks in the draft are protected. This means that if the A’s were to sign a free agent, they would lose their second pick in the draft instead. That gives them a better opportunity to sign a free agent without truly being penalized, but will they take advantage of it?

My bet is on no, they won’t. All draft picks are valuable to the A’s, and considering that even second-tier players like Ian Kennedy and Colby Rasmus were given qualifying offers, it won’t be hard to find that kind of talent without the added expense of a draft pick. For more on this, be sure to check out Athletics Nation’s article.

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