Oakland Athletics Featured Question: Can the A’s Really Trust Coco Crisp?

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Why Not Find a Cheap Upgrade?

Katrina Putnam: I absolutely think that relying on the current bunch of outfielders is a mistake. Isn’t there a saying like, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” This is the second year the A’s have trusted Crisp to stay healthy and he’s missed significant time instead, forcing them to rely on guys like Craig Gentry and Sam Fuld. Mark Canha is a good option, but he’s better used as a replacement Ike Davis at first base.

At some point, the A’s need to realize that the upgrades they need have to come from somewhere, and left field was the perfect place. Crisp cannot play a full season anymore, and Gentry, Fuld and even Jake Smolinski aren’t exactly proven backup options.

I’m very surprised that the front office can look at the outfield they had last season, consider the results that they got from left field, and believe no upgrades are needed. The A’s should absolutely have targeted someone inexpensive like Nori Aoki or Rajai Davis, who would have given them consistent production if nothing else.

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