Oakland Athletics Featured Question: Can the A’s Really Trust Coco Crisp?

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The A’s Depth Means They Will Be Okay

Samantha Riley: Even though I think relying on Coco Crisp is not the best idea, the Oakland Athletics have enough outfield depth to replace him in left field when – not if – he incurs another injury. Currently, the A’s have Crisp, Josh Reddick, Billy Burns, Mark Canha, Sam Fuld, Jake Smolinski and Craig Gentry. Because of this depth, the A’s do not need to seek any outside help from the free agent market or through a trade.

However, some decisions will need to be made regarding tendering contracts and who will start where. I think the A’s should keep Fuld and not Gentry. Additionally, I think Canha should be used more at first than the outfield. But, that still leaves five outfielders to cover three positions and all of these players are strong defensively. It is pretty clear that Burns and Reddick will start in center and right respectively. That leaves Fuld and Smolinski as backup outfielders or possibly starting in left field.

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