Oakland Athletics All-Time Top 20 Hitters in Franchise History

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#8: Harry Davis

Harry Davis played for a variety of National League teams and took a year off from baseball before finally settling in with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901. He played there until he retired in 1917, with the exception of the 1912 season, which he spent in Cleveland. Davis was a dynamic hitter, leading the league in doubles three times, and four times in home runs.

By the end of his first stint with the A’s in 1911, he was 37 years old. He headed to Cleveland to take a job as a manager, but did not like it there, and he returned to the Athletics for a similar role. In his second stint with the A’s, he went 10-for-28 in five seasons, which was actually impressively good for how rarely he played.

Altogether, Davis finished his A’s career with a .279/.337/.408 line, having hit 69 home runs in the deadball era. He also stole 223 bases, making him a player with a variety of skills.

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