Oakland Athletics: 30 Worst Players in Franchise History

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Keith Ginter

The last time Keith Ginter played at the Major League level was with the Oakland Athletics in 2005. Ginter’s baseball career was not a long one, as he only spent six years playing at the MLB level. There was only one season back in 2003 that Ginter played the entire year with a Major League team. Every other season he split his time between Triple-A and the big league club.

Ginter came to the Oakland Athletics in 2005, but did not see much time at the O.co Coliseum. Like many of his other years playing in professional baseball, Ginter moved between Triple-A and the A’s throughout the season. He did end up playing in 51 games with the Green and Gold, but it was not that impressive of a performance.

While with Oakland, Ginter hit .161/.234./.263, giving him a .497 OPS. Additionally, he only had 22 hits and 12 runs.. He stayed with the Athletics organization for the 2006 season, but played in Triple-A the entire year. Ginter performed acceptably while with the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats, but did nothing impressive enough to bring him back up to the Majors.

Ginter spent the rest of his baseball career in the Minor Leagues. He also played in an independent league in 2010, before retiring.

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