Oakland Athletics: 30 Worst Players in Franchise History

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Craig Paquette

Because Craig Paquette was an eighth round draft pick for the A’s, there were far lower expectations for his career. That’s a good thing. He hit .217/.243/.382 in three seasons with the Athletics, beginning with his debut in 1993. Pacquette was not particularly good at defense or offense, making him a terrible choice as an outfielder/corner infielder.

Most defensively inept outfielders at least have power to show. Not Paquette. He had 99 career home runs, but that was spread out over 11 seasons, and during his three years with the A’s, he hit just 25.

Of course, in 1994, he barely spent any time at all on a major league playing field – he had just 50 at-bats, in which he had 7 hits and a stolen base.

By the time Paquette finished his career, he had bumped his average all the way up to .239, with a .685 OPS. Like many other players on this list, it’s shocking that he was able to play for as many seasons as he did, including time with the Royals, Mets, Cardinals and Tigers.

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