Oakland Athletics: 30 Worst Players in Franchise History

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Johnnie LeMaster

To give you a sense of how bad Johnnie LeMaster really was, he is most remembered in the baseball community for the time he switch his last name to “Boo” on his jersey while with the San Francisco Giants, because the fans always welcomed LeMaster to the field with a chorus of boos. Despite having a pretty dismal career, LeMaster did play in the MLB for 12 years, and one of those seasons was with the Oakland Athletics.

LeMaster did not come to Oakland until the last season of his baseball career, in 1987. As one might imagine, his first 11 seasons did not go so well, and that did not change during his stint with the Athletics. Even though he had done well in the minors during the 1986 season, LeMaster had not improved at the Major League level.

The Athletics kept LeMaster in Triple-A for most of 1987, but he did appear in 20 games that season. In those games, he only batted 0.083,with just two hits and one RBI over 25 plate appearances. By the time he retired after that one season with the A’s, LeMaster had a career batting average of .222 with 22 home runs in 1039 games played. Because of his poor offense, it is honestly surprising that he lasted in the big leagues for that long.

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