Oakland Athletics: The Top 50 Oakland A’s of All-Time

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#37: Mike Moore

Mike Moore was the first-overall pick in the 1981 draft, and he made his debut on April 11, 1982 for the Seattle Mariners. The right-hander spent 14 years in the majors, including four years with the Oakland Athletics and three with the Detroit Tigers.

Moore was a part of the 1989 World Series Champion Athletics, pitching in two of the four games as the A’s swept the San Francisco Giants. He was unlikely to pitch again, given that Bob Welch was slated for the third game and Dave Stewart would have pitched the fourth, but an earthquake delayed the start of the third game long enough for the rotation to reset. Welch never needed to pitch, and Stewart and Moore collected a pair of wins each.

Although Moore’s career did not necessarily include the best numbers – a 161-176 final record and a 4.39 ERA – his time with the A’s was very successful.

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