Oakland Athletics: Raiders Fall Short on Relocation Bid; Plus, Mark McGwire


Raiders Lose Relocation Fight; Plus, Mark McGwire Was Snubbed
Oakland Athletics Roundup: Thursday, January 14

The Oakland Athletics won’t be getting that new stadium anytime soon. Earlier this week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the St. Louis Rams had won the three-team race for relocation to Los Angeles. The San Diego Chargers have the option to join the Rams within a year. If they decline, the Raiders will have the option to join the Rams – but it means another year of waiting, and even then, it seems unlikely that the Chargers would turn down the offer.

Lew Wolff released a measured statement, which is exactly the public reaction that was expected:

The Athletics desperately need their own stadium. It would probably have been easier if the Raiders had been outright rejected for relocation by the NFL, rather than technically approved but placed on a waiting list, because it only drags out the process. At this point, it looks like the A’s are in for at least another year of uncertainty about their ballpark situation.

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