Oakland Athletics: Five Biggest Surprises of Spring Training

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Surprise 1: Jesse Hahn

That brings us to our final surprise: No one expected Jesse Hahn to be left behind when the Athletics returned to the O.co Coliseum. Hahn was considered a lock for that A’s rotation, expected to help Sonny Gray anchor the starting staff.

Hahn’s Spring Training didn’t go as expected, as he posted a 11.15 ERA over five starts. He allowed 26 hits and walked seven, giving up 19 runs in 15.1 innings. Hahn seemed to struggle with his control, as well as leaving his pitches up over the plate where hitters could feast on them. He allowed three home runs, although he did strike out 11 batters.

It was a far cry from Hahn’s regular season performance last season, when he posted a 3.35 ERA in 16 games before being shut down for the season with a forearm injury. However, this may be good news for Hahn – starting the season in Triple-A might allow him to take his return a bit more slowly than he would have at the major league level, where there is greater emphasis on winning and results. In the minors, he will be able to come back at his own pace – and hopefully avoid a more serious injury.

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These were far from the only surprises in Oakland Athletics Spring Training. What player or performance surprised you the most? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.