Oakland Athletics vs. Giants Position-By-Position Breakdown: Who Wins?

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Pitcher #4: Chris Bassitt* vs. Jake Peavy

Similar to many Giants, Jake Peavy‘s best years are all behind him. The pitcher turns 35 this year. He did have a decent 8-6 record last year, but (again, like many Giants) suffered from the injury bug and played in only 19 games in 2015. He did record 78 strikeouts in 110 2/3 innings last year.

But what about Chris Bassitt, who pitched in 18 games after playing half a year in the minors and notched 64 strikeouts in 86 innings? That’s a better strikeout ratio than Peavy, who continues to age as Bassitt, eight years his junior, has nothing but promise ahead.

Advantage: A’s

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Pitcher #5: Felix Doubront vs. Matt Cain

If we go back last year’s statistics, both Felix Doubront and Matt Cain have had far better years. Cain is famous for having pitched a perfect game while Doubront was on the starting rotation of the World Champion Red Sox in 2013.

But last year, both pitchers had ERAs of at least 5.00, had no more than three wins, and were prone to the long ball, giving up at least 1.2 home runs per nine innings. Neither of these guys started more than 12 games last year. Cain was injured, like seemingly every Giant last year.

In addition, like seemingly every Giant, Cain is on the opposite side of 30, and has been declining since 2013 (incidentally the year in which the Giants began giving him $20 million a year). There is not much promise for either of these guys.

Again, this position results in a push, with neither side getting an advantage.

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