Oakland Athletics Season Predictions: A Guide To 2016

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2016 Predictions: The Offense

Most Homers

Andrew Dambrauskas: Khris Davis
Mark Sigmon: Josh Reddick
Melson Varsovia: Khris Davis
Katrina Putnam: Khris Davis
Rich Hill: Khris Davis
Rylan Edwards: Khris Davis
Samantha Riley: Khris Davis

This category almost unanimously went to Davis, who joined the Athletics this winter. Davis hit 27 home runs in 392 at-bats last season, and his career slugging percentage is .494. Earlier this Spring, Billy Beane explained that the A’s had done an analysis of Davis’s home runs and determined that every single one of them would have been a homer at the Coliseum, as well.

Along with his vote, Andrew added, “There is a presumption that he’ll get a full season’s worth of playing time in this prediction, but he’s the only true power hitter on the roster currently. (No, I’m not counting Billy Butler.)”

Only one writer went in a different direction, with Mark predicting Reddick will hit a career-high 35 homers. Reddick did lead the team with 20 homers in 526 at-bats last year, and his career slugging percentage is .435, so if anyone has a change to oust Davis, it’s Reddick.

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Most Steals:

Unanimous: Billy Burns

There isn’t much to say about this pick. The staff agreed on Burns here, because he swiped 26 bases in 2015, and he’s the only true speedster on the roster. Look for him to improve on last year’s total and leave the rest of the team in the dust, so to speak.

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