Oakland Athletics: Why Ryon Healy Was Snubbed From the Final Man Vote

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 28: Ryon Healy
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 28: Ryon Healy /

Who Was Snubbed?

No, Ryon Healy of the Oakland Athletics did not get to be one of the lucky five to be chosen for the Final Man Vote this year. But based on the players you can choose from, he should have been.

The American League team is focused on improving their infield, with all five slots given to those who play in the clay. A dive into statistics and logic could have yielded a spot for Healy to fight his way into Miami.

Let’s get one thing straight: Miguel Sano and Jose Ramirez deserve their roster spots. They both have had better years than Healy or any other American League third basemen. And I applaud them for that.

Healy may not be in the top two, but the five lucky players the fans can choose from seem to have shortcomings that separate them from the rest of the group.

A closer look at the players shows that there are three shortstops (Elvis Andrus,  Xander Boegarts and Didi Gregorius,) a third basemen (Mike Moustakas) and a first basemen (Logan Morrison.) All five are having respectable years, and arguments can be made for each player to earn the final spot in Terry Francona’s dugout.

The obvious comparison to make would be Healy vs. Moustakas. Their stats are extremely similar. Healy’s batting average of .276 leads Moustakas’ by just six points. Healy has just two more RBI (51) than his Kansas City counterpart. Their stat line goes back and forth. Moustakas has three more home runs and a 31 point lead in slugging percentage. Healy has three more total bases and four more doubles. That’s just the way the stats have fallen.

The Competition

Oakland Athletics
Oakland Athletics /

Oakland Athletics

It is fair to assess them as nearly even. But one thing separates Healy from Moustakas, and you will never find it in a box score: leadership. Healy is not the leader of the Athletics. Nor is the lone All-Star representative Yonder Alonso.  Yet you can turn on an A’s game and see Healy with a smile on his face, charisma flowing and youth at it’s finest. i may not be a nightly watcher of the Royals, but my viewing experience has seen Moustakas overshadowed by the likes of Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain.

The three shortstops on the ballot have had decent years. All three are on teams pushing toward a playoff berth. Yet the talent drop from the two already on the roster is tremendous. Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor are two of the brightest young stars in the league today. With those two playing, you don’t need a third shortstop on your roster. insurance is always a good thing, but not always needed.

Elvis Andrus most likely made it on for his speed. He sports a .302 batting average with 20 stolen bases. The speedster already has 96 hits and 11 home runs. His spot on the final man vote is deserved.

Xander Boegarts has a .314 batring average and 95 hits. He is a strong candidate for a ballot spot, but he has just 39 RBI when he consistently bats in the cleanup spot. That’s a major concern.

The Biggest Shock

My biggest shock was seeing Didi Gregorius on the list. He has had a phenomenal year, hitting .320 with 71 hits. However, he has only played in 56 games. All five other players have played in at least 20 more games than Gregorius. His 36 RBI also poses a scare, especially since he hits in the heart of the order when he plays.

Logan Morrison made it for his power. Sporting 24 home runs at this time of the year is impressive. But Healy hit 10 home runs in the month of June alone, and his batting average is a full twenty points ahead of Morrison.

Ryon Healy comes from a small market in Oakland. Fans would rather see a Red Sox or Yankees player than an Athletic, but numbers don’t lie. Healy deserved a shot at a trip to Miami.

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