Athletics’ looking at Stephen Vogt to pair with Sean Murphy


A familiar face could be heading back to Oakland. The Athletics have reached out to Stephen Vogt’s agent about a potential reunion.

The Oakland Athletics look to have their catcher of the future in Sean Murphy. He is a dynamic offensive player with an elite defensive background, but he can’t play all 162 games.

With the Josh Phegley era seemingly coming to an end, it’s time for the A’s to start looking at a backup catcher, and one with a solid lefty bat.

Susan Slusser reported on Monday that the team has reached out to former A’s postseason hero and recent San Francisco Giant Stephen Vogt. He is a familiar face who played a big role for this team in the past. He is a good locker room guy and has experience in the playoffs, valuable for this young team with lofty playoff hopes.

Bob Melvin has said great things about Vogt. Bringing him on to this team to help Murphy navigate his way through the majors is an absolute plus.

Murphy will most likely hit some bumps along the road, as major-league pitchers start to figure him out. Nobody better than Vogt to help him out, as the 35-year-old catcher started his career 0-32 at the plate.

Oakland is primed to break out soon. Whether it is winning the AL West, or finally getting through the AL Wild Card Game (fourth time’s a charm). This team is growing each year and adding veterans who have been in that situation helps going forward.

Phegley was decent for Oakland, he had his ups-and-downs. But he isn’t a guy you see as a mentor to Murphy, and the front office sees that. Forst and Beane know they need a guy to groom their franchise catcher.

The best catchers can rely on their instincts to call a game. They don’t need a coach telling them everything from the dugout. We have seen it with guys such as Yadier Molina and David Ross. They’re very smart.

Murphy has the ability to become that as well, and that is the Athletics’ hope. Bringing in Vogt could help accelerate that process. Being a voice in the locker room and providing spot starts behind the plate, he could provide a boost of consistency on the field and in the locker room.

This Oakland Athletics team has a bright future, but with that bright future, you need veterans. Guys who know how to weather the storm in tough times. Vogt has been there before in Oakland and could be a key piece to take them to the next level.


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