Oakland Athletics: Liam Hendriks wants full 162 game schedule

Do not count Oakland Athletics closer Liam Hendriks amongst those who feel that Major League Baseball should shorten the season.

Considering the uncertainty surrounding the start of the season, it is understandable that Major League Baseball is considering an abbreviated schedule. Players will need to get back into game shape, with the expectation being that it will take at least four weeks to do so. Even if spring training begins again in April, that would push the start of the season into May.

However, not everyone is on board with such a proposal. Oakland Athletics closer Liam Hendriks is one of the multitude of players that are against shortening the season, hoping that baseball will once again have a 162 game schedule.

Despite the objections, Hendriks and those other players recognize the challenges. Off days would be scarce, and there would likely need to be quite a few double headers to make the logistics work. Even then, the schedule would have to push into November in order to accommodate that many games.

This is something that Hendriks understands. To counter those difficulties in the schedule, he feels that expanding the rosters could be the fix. Instead of the normal 26 man roster, expanding rosters to 28, or possibly even 30 players, could mitigate any concerns about the players wearing down.

As intriguing as the idea may be, there are concerns beyond this season. If the schedule is pushed into November, with the postseason stretching into December. With spring training starting in February, that would limit the amount of time players have to recover from the season. A normal 162 game season in 2021 could lead to a record amount of injuries, as players would be pushing themselves beyond their normal time.

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We all want to see baseball come back, and as many games as possible on the schedule. While Oakland Athletics closer Liam Hendriks is just like us, wanting to see as many games as possible, it just does not make sense logistically.

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