Oakland Athletics: The case for Chad Pinder as future manager

If one is looking for a future manager amongst the players currently on the Oakland Athletics, you do not need to look further than Chad Pinder.

It is always interesting to look at the current players in the majors and wonder which of them will end up running a team someday. In some cases, the choices are obvious; David Ross was considered a manager in the making during his final season with the Cubs. Other former players, such as A.J. Hinch and Joe Girardi, were lauded for their baseball acumen and leadership. It was, therefore, not a surprise when both ended up as managers following their playing careers.

MLB.com is doing its own exercise where they are looking at every major league team and attempting to determine the future managers on each team. For the Oakland Athletics, the selection was super utility man Chad Pinder, a player who has appeared at every position aside from pitcher and catcher.

Despite being just 28 years old, Pinder appears to be one of the safer selections in the exercise. None other than current A’s manager Bob Melvin has endorsed Pinder as a future manager, lofty praise from someone who is one of the best managers in the game.

Melvin has also demonstrated that belief in his actions as well. Pinder has emerged as a leader in the A’s clubhouse, the person that Melvin goes to if there is an issue amongst teammates. He has the respect of everyone within the clubhouse, another important requirement for any future manager.

Pinder also has a distinct advantage as a super utility man. He has firsthand knowledge of virtually every position on the diamond, allowing him to better coach any future players. Pinder is also considered someone who plays the game the right way, an important trait for someone who could take over a younger team in the future.

Typically, former players that become managers spent time behind the plate. As the field general, they know the defensive shifts, how to communicate with pitchers, and the intricacies of game at a minute level. However, a former super utility man, such as Pinder, may have much of that same knowledge.

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Chad Pinder is considered to be a manager in the making. Who knows, perhaps someday the Oakland Athletics super utility man will end up running his own team from the bench.

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