Oakland Athletics: The day Mike Fiers decided to spill AstroGate beans

There had to be a reason as to why Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers spilled the beans regarding AstroGate. That reason may have come on September 9.

Mike Fiers did not have to put himself on the line and tell the baseball world about AstroGate. He had won a World Series in that 2017 campaign, although he did not pitch in the postseason. Having departed the franchise, and after spending the past two years with the Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics, any cheating was far in the rearview mirror.

At least, that is where it had been. While there may have been a voice nagging at his conscience, it is easy to silence those nagging thoughts with his subsequent success and the money he had earned. But in the end, his conscience won out.

But why did Fiers have a sudden change of heart? What made him decide that it was time to shine the light on the Astros cheating, even if it put him directly in the spotlight? That decision may well have been made on September 9.

That day was a disaster for the A’s. The Astros battered Fiers and Paul Blackburn, easily winning a 15-0 contest. Astros pitcher Zack Greinke was done after six innings despite throwing just 73 pitches. Oakland managed just three hits and a walk, getting a runner in scoring position only twice in the game.

Fiers was particularly hit hard. In his inning plus of work, he allowed nine runs on nine hits, with five homers being hit against him. Blackburn did not fare much better, allowing six runs, five earned, in his five plus innings. He gave up eight hits and a walk, with two homers in that outing.

One can certainly understand the outrage that Fiers must have felt, especially knowing the cheating that had been going on in the Astros’ dugout. In theory, signs could have been changed, but even then, it is possible that they would have been decoded as well. After that drubbing, Fiers may have felt that he could no longer remain silent.

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Why did Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers spill the beans on AstroGate? His beating on September 9 may have been the motivation he needed.

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