Oakland Athletics: Max McGwire looks very familiar

Watching Max McGwire take batting practice invokes memories of a former Oakland Athletics star.

Over the years, the Oakland Athletics have been home to some truly special power hitters. From drafting Reggie Jackson to the Bash Brothers to Khris Davis today, the A’s have had the type of power bats that can change the game with one swing.

There is now a second generation. Former A’s slugger Mark McGwire‘s son is becoming an intriguing prospect of his own, looking to follow in his father’s footsteps as a power hitting first baseman. As one can see from the video below, Max McGwire has a very familiar swing.

A 17 year old first baseman, the younger McGwire is taking part in the Perfect Game National Showcase, an event where the top players entering their senior year can look to improve their stock. It is a chance for national exposure, and a place where a player can grab the attention of a college or, potential, a professional team.

McGwire himself is viewed upon as an elite prospect. At the plate, he is already a solid power hitter, with the potential for even greater pop as his 6’2″, 185 pound frame fills out. His swing looks similar to his father’s, with his hands held high and a short, quick path to the ball, allowing his power to explode through the swing.

Defensively, McGwire is not necessarily stuck at first base. He is considered to be athletic enough to slide over to third, and could potentially play at either corner outfield position. Of course, that profile could change once his body fills out, leaving McGwire to remain at first.

Currently, he is committed to join the University of Oklahoma following his senior year of high school. That is also subject to change, as a strong senior season could lead to McGwire being drafted early. The bloodlines are certainly there, making McGwire an even more intriguing prospect.

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As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. In the case of Max McGwire, one can certainly see his father in his swing.