Former Oakland A’s manager Art Howe gets his wish for season

Despite his own battle with the coronavirus, former Oakland A’s manager Art How had been hoping the 2020 season would begin.

One would assume that, given his own battle with the coronavirus, former Oakland A’s manager Art Howe would be skeptical of any attempts to get the 2020 season underway. He, perhaps more than most people around the game, would understand what the virus can do to the body, and what the recovery period is like.

Naturally, one would assume that Howe would be against any attempts to get the season underway. Instead, he had been hoping that the season would, in some way, take place.

Howe made a great point – the country needs baseball. Over the years, no matter what was happening, baseball was there. Though the Great Depression, the two World Wars, and even the Spanish Flu pandemic, baseball was there. With the current pandemic, recession, and political and racial tensions, everyone needs something to rally around.

It turns out that Howe is about to get his wish. Major League Baseball is implementing a 60 game schedule, provided the players will be able to resume training by the beginning of July. With that in mind, the season should get underway towards the end of July, with expanded playoffs and a universal designated hitter.

Obviously, there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. Safety protocols need to be established, as does a plan should more players test positive once spring training resumes. Likewise, the current spikes in people testing positive for the virus in places like Florida and Arizona do not exactly harbor positivity.

But this is still a step towards there being something resembling a major league season this year. For the first time in months, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Baseball, at least in some form, will be back, provided everything goes according to plan.

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Former Oakland A’s manager Art Howe wanted there to be baseball in 2020. He is about to get his wish.